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Servers, DataServers, Messengers, and Adapters
Managing AppServer Data : Modifying AppServer control settings : Changing AppServer broker controls : Adding or trimming AppServers : Adding or trimming AppServers
Adding or trimming AppServers
To initiate an AppServer add or trim request:
1. From the grid frame for Resources, click the Edit icon to display the details page for the AppServer broker for which you want to initiate add or trim request. See Accessing OpenEdge Management resource information for the detailed steps.
2. Click Server Pool Control in the Command and control section to display the Server Pool Control page, as shown:
3. From the drop-down list box, select Add or Trim.
4. In the server(s) field, enter the number of servers you want to add or trim. The value you enter must be a positive integer.
When you initiate an add or trim request, OpenEdge Management consults two sets of initial configuration details to determine if, and how, it can honor either request type:
*The number of AppServers for which you are licensed
*The broker property configuration settings stored in the file
See Server pool initial configuration for information about these configuration details.
5. Select Submit. Depending on the changes you make and OpenEdge Management's capability to implement them, you might notice changes to the numeric values shown in the Serversstate table. See Servers state for more information.
Note: Any time you either add or trim AppServers, it is recommended that you refresh the management console to ensure that you are not viewing stale data.