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Resource Monitoring
Setting up Resource Monitoring

Setting up Resource Monitoring

This chapter describes how to create a resource to monitor; define the resource's monitoring plan (including schedules and rules); establish meaningful threshold values for rules; and create actions that occur in response to OpenEdge Management alerts.
* Before you begin
* Monitoring remote resources
* Naming conventions
* Monitoring a system, network, or file resource: an overview
* Working with CPU and memory resources
* Selecting a system, network, or file resource to monitor
* Creating a resource monitoring plan
* Calculating meaningful thresholds with the Configuration Advisor
* Understanding alerts
* Determining OpenEdge Management's action in response to an alert
* Using default actions
* Editing or copying a resource monitor
* Deleting a resource monitor
* Working with default values
* Using job and report templates
* Sharing monitoring components using the OpenEdge Management Library