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Resource Monitoring
Setting up Resource Monitoring : Selecting a system, network, or file resource to monitor

Selecting a system, network, or file resource to monitor

OpenEdge Management automatically creates one CPU resource and one memory resource for each AdminServer. You use the management console to create additional system, network, or file resources to monitor.
Note: For the purpose of illustration, the procedures in this section describe how to create a disk resource monitor and then define its properties and monitoring plan.
To create a disk resource monitor:
1. In the OpenEdge Management console menu, select Resources > New > Disk.
The Create new Disk page appears.
If there are remote AdminServers online, a drop-down list of AdminServer names also appears. You can now specify the resource's properties.
2. Enter the name of the resource in the Name field. For all resources, this value must be no more than 32 characters. You cannot use spaces, periods, or special characters.
3. Enter a description of the resource in the Description field. You can enter a maximum of 256 characters.
4. From the Disk drop-down list, select the disk for which you are creating this resource monitor. The drop-down list displays the reference that your operating system uses to recognize each disk drive available on your system.
5. Select the Enabled option to set the resource monitor to begin monitoring immediately. This option is checked by default. If you want to create a monitor that does not immediately begin monitoring, clear the option. The monitor is then disabled until you enable it.
6. Click Save.
The Create Monitoring Plan page appears. You can now create the resource's monitoring plan.