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Resource Monitoring
Setting up Resource Monitoring : Using default actions

Using default actions

OpenEdge Management provides five default action definitions:
*Default_Action — A compound action that contains a single action
*Default_Clear_Action — Sends mail to the default email recipient
*Default_Mail_Action — Sends email to the user you specified when you initially configured OpenEdge Management
*Default_Pager_Action — Sends a message to small display devices, such as a pager
*Default_Task_Action — Send a message to the default email recipient when a job finishes
The Default_Action is set in the On alert perform action field when you initially configure a monitor. If you prefer, you can choose a different action for OpenEdge Management to perform when an alert is generated.
Each default serves as a reusable, initial action definition that you can use or modify just as you can any action that you create. These default actions are provided to get OpenEdge Management resources created and running quickly. You can edit these default actions, but you cannot delete or rename them.
* Creating an e-mail action
* Creating a log action
* Creating a compound action
* Creating a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap action
* Updating and deleting actions