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Resource Monitoring
Setting up Resource Monitoring : Using default actions : Creating a compound action

Creating a compound action

When you create a compound action, you define one single action based on a number of individual actions that you frequently perform as a series of notification and operational steps in response to an alert. OpenEdge Management provides a default compound action you can use called Default_Action.
To create a compound action:
1. In the OpenEdge Management console menu, choose one:
*Select Library > New > Compound Action.
*Select Library > Go to Library > Create Compound Action.
The Create new Compound Action page appears.
2. Enter the name in the Name field. (This is a required field.) You must not use spaces or special characters such as an asterisk (*), ampersand (&), or period ( . ) in the Name field.
3. Enter the description in the Description field.
4. Under Select actions, select an action in the Available list and click the right arrow. The action you selected moves to the Selected list and is added to the compound action. You can also select an action in the Selected list and click the left arrow. The action you selected is now removed from the compound action.
Repeat these additions and/or removals until you have only the actions you want in the compound action in the Selected list area.
5. Click Save. A summary of the actions that compose the compound action you created appears.
You can now edit, copy, delete, or test the compound action.