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Resource Monitoring
Setting up Resource Monitoring : Understanding alerts

Understanding alerts

An alert is an indication that a resource is not performing in compliance with the rules you established in the resource's monitoring plan. When OpenEdge Management triggers an alert for a resource, the following events occur:
*The actions you assigned to the resource monitor are initiated. For example, you might define an action to send an e-mail or page an operator when an alert occurs.
*The alert is added to OpenEdge Management's open alert table. To see the current open alerts, click Alerts > Go to Alerts from the menu bar.
The level of severity you set for an individual resource in its rules definition determines the type of alert that OpenEdge Management generates: Information, Error, Warning, or Severe. For more information, see OpenEdge Management: Alerts Guide and Reference.
All alerts (with the exception of information alerts) cause the resource status to change to Failed and the icon becomes red.
Note: You can also set up actions and alerts to respond to job status details and job execution time expectations. For more information about job execution, actions, and alerts, see Creating Jobs and Job Templates.