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Resource Monitoring
Creating Jobs and Job Templates

Creating Jobs and Job Templates

As you work with Progress® OpenEdge® Management, you will want to perform certain monitoring-related tasks on a regular basis. For this reason, OpenEdge Management enables you to create custom jobs that you can run only once or on a recurring basis. You can also create reusable job templates.
OpenEdge Management also provides several predefined database-maintenance job templates that you can use to keep your OpenEdge database performing efficiently. For details about these maintenance templates, see OpenEdge Management: Data Management.
* Jobs overview
* Creating a job instance
* Editing a job
* Copying a job
* Killing a job
* Deleting a job
* Running a job
* Scheduling a job
* Viewing scheduled jobs
* Viewing running jobs
* Viewing job history
* Viewing database maintenance job instances for an individual database
* Working with job templates
* Viewing debug details about jobs