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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Sharing an OpenEdge installation on a network overview : Primary tasks
Primary tasks
The primary tasks to share an OpenEdge installation on a network are:
*Perform an OpenEdge installation on a network server machine, using the OpenEdge Installation Program.
During the installation process, the Shared Network Installation (NetSetup) Utility—the component that allows each client machine to install the required software to access the network server machine—is installed on the server. In a Complete installation, the NetSetup component is automatically installed with all OpenEdge products. In a Custom installation, you must select the NetSetup component as an optional component. The NetSetup Utility also supports a Silent installation option.
*Use the NetSetup Utility to update each client machine, enabling it to access the network server's installation copy.
The NetSetup Utility ensures that all the system files, icons, and registry entries needed to launch the OpenEdge products locally are set up on each client machine. The NetSetup Utility is comprised of one dialog box, the Destination and Work Paths dialog, that you run on the client.
The details to address the tasks previously listed and other related activities are described in the following sections:
*Networking overview
*Determining a shared network to clients connection
*Setting up the shared network
*Running the Progress Dynamics Configuration Utility
*Reviewing local intranet security settings
*Uninstalling the Shared Network Installation Utility
*Running the Silent installation option for the Shared Network Installation Utility