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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Sharing an OpenEdge installation on a network overview : Reviewing local intranet security settings
Reviewing local intranet security settings
The .NET Framework includes a system of Code Access Security (CAS) that tries to prevent untrusted code from performing privileged operations. You might need to alter the CAS settings on your local machine to use certain OpenEdge features.In particular, the ProxyGen tool and any OpenEdge application using the GUI for .NET features, including the GUI client, Batch clients, Application Servers, etc., need higher permissions than the default settings for network shares.
The NetSetup Utility includes the option to automatically make the necessary changes. You should consult your IT administrator on the security implications before choosing this option. For more information, see PSDN for a white paper on deploying OpenEdge GUI for .NET applications.