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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Uninstalling the Shared Network Installation Utility

Uninstalling the Shared Network Installation Utility

You can use an uninstall utility to uninstall the NetSetup Utility from a client machine that is currently connected to an OpenEdge shared network installation. All the products that you previously installed for this OpenEdge release are removed. This procedure must be done for each client machine you intend to uninstall.
To uninstall the client machine from a Shared Network installation:
1. From the desktop, choose Start > Control Panel > Add Or Remove Programs.
2. From the list of installed programs, select the OpenEdge 11.4 Shared Network Installation. Choose Change/Remove. A confirmation dialog box appears.
Note: Remove client files first, then uninstall the server to ensure that the shared network installation is properly uninstalled.
3. Choose Yes to confirm that you want to delete the OpenEdge 11.4 Shared Network Installation from your client machine. The Remove Programs From Your Computer dialog box appears.
4. Choose OK to exit the Uninstall utility from the client machine.
Note: When the usage count on a shared system file reaches 0, a Shared File warning dialog box appears; follow the instructions in the dialog box.