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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Sharing an OpenEdge installation on a network overview : Networking overview
Networking overview
This section provides some background information about the basic networking hardware needed to run OpenEdge in a network-to-client configuration.
A network typically consists of the following hardware elements:
*Application workstation — A computer on your network that executes the OpenEdge Client or single-user software. This allows one or more users to access the database server machine.
*Database server machine — The OpenEdge database server machine is a computer on your network that executes the OpenEdge Server software. This software allows the database server machine to manage one or more OpenEdge databases.
*Network file server machine — The network file server is a computer that manages file sharing and system security, coordinates station-to-station communications, and controls any attached peripherals, such as printers, disk drives, and modems.
You can install an OpenEdge client on a single node, or you can install it on a network file server. For more information about networking with OpenEdge, see Working with Unified Brokers.
Note: Progress Software Corporation (PSC) does not support installing one copy of the OpenEdge Application server products for multiple machines because there is only one set of configuration files; conflicts will occur.