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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Administration Utilities : OpenEdge license information

OpenEdge license information

The License Addendum that accompanies your OpenEdge media package (ESD download) with your product provides specific information about the product license you purchased, including:
*A serial number
*A control number
*The maximum number of units allowed by the license
When you install OpenEdge, the installation procedure prompts you to enter product information from the License Addendum. The installation procedure records the license information in the OpenEdge configuration file progress.cfg. Use the SHOWCFG utility to display the product license information for each OpenEdge product installed on your system.
Note: For information on installing OpenEdge components using the License Addendum File, refer to Using an Electronic License Addendum file for installing in Windows, and Obtaining an Electronic License Addendum file for installing on UNIX.
For more information on the SHOWCFG utility, see Using the SHOWCFG utility in Windows, or Using the SHOWCFG utility on UNIX or Linux platforms.
* Using the OpenEdge license file