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Installation and Configuration
Installation : OpenEdge Installation Prerequisites : Obtaining an Electronic License Addendum file

Obtaining an Electronic License Addendum file

An electronic License Addendum file contains the serial numbers and control codes for the OpenEdge license you purchased. An electronic License Addendum file eases the installation process by reading your serial number and control code information from the file, rather than being manually entered. Your electronic License Addendum file is accessible from the Progress Software Download Center.
Note: The License Addendum File is an electronic version of the License Addendum that shipped with your OpenEdge software.
1. Access the Progress Software Download Center at and log in.
Note: You must be a registered user to download the License Addendum file. Follow the links to create a user account, or retrieve a forgotten password if necessary. Contact for additional assistance.
2. Navigate to the License Addendum page for your OpenEdge release and platform:
a. Click Download Software. This brings you to the Software Product List.
b. From the listed products, select the product for which you are obtaining an Electronic License Addendum, for example Progress® OpenEdge®(with OpenEdge Replication). This brings you to the Software Product Information page.
c. From the Software Product Information page listing a suite of products. Click the product you want to download. This brings you to a page of releases.
d. Locate the release and click on its name in the Description column. This brings you to the OpenEdge Product Downloads page.
e. Click Accept to accept the PSC End User License Agreement. This brings you to the Software Product Download page.
3. On the Software Product Download page, click the License tab.
4. Position your mouse over the License Addendum area. Save the License Addendum by selecting the File -> Save As (or Save Page As) menu and changing the Save As Type to "Web Page, HTML only".
5. If you are saving multiple License Addendum files for future electronic installations, be sure to give each an unique name.
Note: These instructions are verified for the following browsers: FireFox and Internet Explorer 7 and above. If you require assistance using the Download Center, you can use the Download Center help.
Caution: Do not edit the License Addendum file. Opening the License Addendum file with software such as Microsoft Word can change the format of the file, making it unreadable by the installation process.
Once you save the License Addendum File locally, you can access it from the Serial Numbers and Control Codes dialog during the OpenEdge Installation.