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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Additional product installation activities : Using an Electronic License Addendum file
Using an Electronic License Addendum file
If you have obtained an Electronic License Addendum file, you can you can automatically enter serial numbers and product control codes. An Electronic License Addendum file contains the serial numbers and control codes for the OpenEdge license you purchased. For instructions on obtaining an Electronic License Addendum file, see Obtaining an Electronic License Addendum file.
To enter the serial number and control code for your product automatically:
1. In the License Addendum File field, enter the name and path of the License Addendum file.
Note: You can enter multiple License Addendum files containing additional serial numbers and control codes.
2. Click Load.
Once the OpenEdge install script validates the license addendum file, the Product(s) to be installed list is automatically populated.
Note: To remove products from the list, right click on the product your want to remove, and select Delete, or highlight the product you want to remove and click Remove.
3. Once you have entered information for all the products you want to install, click Next to continue the installation.