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Setting Up OpenEdge Replication : Starting OpenEdge Replication

Starting OpenEdge Replication

Once you set up the source and target databases and their corresponding property files, you can start OpenEdge Replication. Simply start your source and target databases with an OpenEdge Replication qualifier. For more information, see the following sections:
*Starting the source database
*Starting the target database
The order in which you start the databases does not matter. However:
*It is recommended that if you did not set the defer-agent-startup property to a non-zero value in your server properties file, you start the target database first so that the OpenEdge Replication server does not time out.
*If you do start the source database first, start the target database before the connect-timeout property in the [] section of the server properties file expires.
Alternatively, you can start OpenEdge Replication with the database utility dbman or OpenEdge Explorer (or OpenEdge Management, if you have a license).
* Message logging during startup
* Starting the source database
* Starting the target database
* OpenEdge Replication startup and initialization process
* Starting OpenEdge Replication with the DBMAN utility or OpenEdge Explorer
* Database connection considerations