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User Guide
Setting Up OpenEdge Replication : Starting OpenEdge Replication : Starting the target database

Starting the target database

Use the following command to start the target database:
proserve target-db-name -DBService replagent -S {port |service name }
The database broker will monitor the port or service name specified by the -S argument; therefore, inclusion of the argument is required. The port or service name must be the same as the port or service name parameter you specify in the OpenEdge Replication server's file.
The port or service name you specify with the -S argument can also be used by ABL clients and the Replication server. If the broker started is configured for both ABL and SQL connections, the SQL clients can use the port and service name as well.
The -DBService parameter, which is case-sensitive, instructs the broker to start the OpenEdge Replication agent. Only limited database connections are allowed until OpenEdge Replication completes startup synchronization.
Note: You can start the target database with any valid PROSERVE argument. When using arguments that affect shared memory (number of users, clients per server, maximum number of servers, etc.), you should be careful to use the same arguments and values you used when you started the source database.