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User Guide
Setting Up OpenEdge Replication : Starting OpenEdge Replication : Starting the source database

Starting the source database

Use the following command to start the source database:
proserve source-db-name -DBService replserv -S {port| service name}
The -DBService argument, which is case-sensitive, instructs the broker to start the OpenEdge Replication server. Unless you are using the defer-agent-startup method, database activity cannot begin until OpenEdge Replication has completed its startup and initialization.
Note: You can start the source database with any valid PROSERVE argument. When using arguments that affect shared memory (number of users, clients per server, maximum number of servers, etc.), you should be careful to use the same arguments and values when you start the target database. For more information, see Source and target architecture requirements.
If there is a configuration error, the OpenEdge Replication server will be brought down even if there is no critical agent; and messages will be sent to the database log on both the source side and the target side. (When a critical agent exists for a server, transition starts automatically for that agent's target database during failure processing.)
The following are examples of a configuration error:
*Missing AI extents
*Improperly created target
*Large file mismatch