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Introducing OpenEdge Replication : Source and target architecture requirements

Source and target architecture requirements

Before OpenEdge Replication starts, the source and target databases are automatically checked to ensure that the databases are identical in the following ways:
*The logical structure—but not necessarily the physical structure—of the databases. (All user-defined areas must be identical except the AI areas.)
*The versions of the databases.
*The supported platform.
*The database block sizes.
*If large file support is enabled, it must be enabled on both databases.
*Before-Image (BI) block sizes.
In addition, the values on the target database must be greater than or equal to the values on the source for the following database startup parameters:
*Lock Table Entries (-L)
*Number of Users (-n)
*Maximum JTA Transactions (-Maxxids)
*The sum of Number of Users (-n) and Maximum Servers (-Mn)
If the values for the target are less than the source, the agent will not start. For details about these parameters, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.
* Guidelines for working with source and target databases