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Setting Up OpenEdge Replication : Starting OpenEdge Replication : OpenEdge Replication startup and initialization process

OpenEdge Replication startup and initialization process

During the OpenEdge Replication startup and initialization process, the OpenEdge Replication server attempts to contact the OpenEdge Replication agent through the target database broker on the port specified in the control-agent section of the source database replication properties file. Once the OpenEdge Replication server makes contact with the OpenEdge Replication agent, a handshaking process takes place.
During this process, OpenEdge Replication:
*Determines if the source and target databases are identical
*Verifies that the target database was created from the source database
*Performs synchronization
*Allows database connections
If the defer-agent-startup property is set to a valid non-zero value, source database activity is allowed once the source database is started. Source database activity will not halt until the very end of the synchronization process, when the OpenEdge Replication server completes the synchronization process. When synchronization is complete, the Replication server will reinsert itself back into the AI Block write process, where the OpenEdge database will be unblocked and normal database and OpenEdge Replication activity will continue.
Before synchronization begins, the OpenEdge Replication server attempts to connect to its configured agent(s). If the server cannot connect to its configured agent(s) on the first connection attempt, it will go into a deferred agent startup. While in this state, the OpenEdge Replication server will wait five minutes, then attempt the OpenEdge Replication agent connection again. The OpenEdge Replication server will remain in this state until all agent(s) are connected or until the time-out specified in the defer-agent-startup property is reached.
Startup, initialization, and synchronization are performed once all the agents are connected. If you do not want to wait for the five-minute intervals between connection attempts to the agent(s), you can force agent connection using the DSRUTIL function connectagent.
Schema updates are not allowed while the OpenEdge Replication server is performing synchronization. If schema updates are being performed when failure recovery synchronization begins, source database updates will block until failure recovery is complete.
Source database activity cannot continue without the agent(s) connected when synchronous replication is being used.