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Web Services
Creating ABL Clients to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Creating an ABL Client from WSDL : Using the WSDL Analyzer : Analyzing wrapped document literal : Unwrapped form
Unwrapped form
In an unwrapped form, the procedure or function passes individual INPUT, OUTPUT, or INPUT-OUTPUT parameters that reflect the individual data elements wrapped by the out element for these Wrapped Doc/Lit operation parameters. In this case, the WSDL Analyzer is likely to document each parameter as an ABL data type that maps to a simple XML Schema data type defined in the outer elements of the wrapped parameters. (For more information, see Mapping XML Schema data types to ABL data types.) If the definition for an unwrapped parameter embedded within a complex outer element is also a complex element, the WSDL Analyzer might have to document that unwrapped parameter as a complex XML Schema data type mapped to an ABL LONGCHAR. However, in many cases, only simple data types are required to implement all of the parameters for a Wrapped Doc/Lit operation. In this case, you have no need to parse any XML in ABL. For more information on coding with the unwrapped form, see the Programming options.