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Web Services
Creating ABL Clients to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Creating an ABL Client from WSDL : Using the WSDL Analyzer

Using the WSDL Analyzer

After you know the location to a WSDL file for a target Web service, use the WSDL Analyzer to provide HTML documentation on the interface to the Web service. The documentation describes the requirements for consuming the Web service using ABL, and includes binding information and ABL prototypes for accessing operations in the Web services. The documentation also includes any internal WSDL comments by the Web service developer to explain elements of the Web service interface. The following sections describe:
*Running the WSDL Analyzer
*Understanding the WSDL Analyzer output
*Analyzing wrapped document literal
*Analyzing complex data
* Running the WSDL Analyzer
* Understanding the WSDL Analyzer output
* Analyzing wrapped document literal
* Analyzing complex data