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Web Services
Creating ABL Clients to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Creating an ABL Client from WSDL : Using the WSDL Analyzer : Analyzing wrapped document literal
Analyzing wrapped document literal
The WSDL Analyzer recognizes and provides special documentation support for a narrow convention of the Doc/Lit SOAP format developed by Microsoft known as wrapped document literal (Wrapped Doc/Lit). A Web service operation defined according to the Wrapped Doc/Lit convention has a single request (input) parameter and single response (output) parameter. Each parameter in the operation is defined as a complex element that "wraps" one or more elements containing values of the same mode (input or output).
The WSDL Analyzer can document an ABL procedure or function that uses the Wrapped Doc/Lit convention according to one of two possible forms:
*Wrapped form
*Unwrapped form
* Wrapped form
* Unwrapped form
* WSDL Analyzer documentation options
* Programming options