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Web Services
Creating ABL Clients to Consume OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Creating an ABL Client from WSDL : Mapping XML Schema data types to ABL data types

Mapping XML Schema data types to ABL data types

The foundation for data types in WSDL is XML Schema, a standard that defines simple data types and a means to aggregate them into more complex types. OpenEdge supports a range of acceptable mappings for all XML Schema types. For a given parameter on a Web service operation, OpenEdge supports a range of ABL data types that can be automatically transformed between OpenEdge and the XML Schema representation. As part of the acceptable mappings, OpenEdge suggests (through the WSDL Analyzer) a recommended ABL data type to use when mapping an ABL parameter to a particular Web service parameter.
This section identifies the mapping options and how they work going from one domain (XML Schema) to the other (ABL) for the following types of data:
*Simple data types
*Complex data types
For more information on how to manipulate these data types (especially complex data types) in ABL, see Invoking OpenEdge SOAP Web Service Operations from ABL.
* Simple data types
* Arrays
* Complex data types