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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : Using COM Objects in ABL

Using COM Objects in ABL

Both ActiveX Automation objects and ActiveX controls are COM objects—objects that conform to the specifications of the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM). As such, COM objects have common features that govern the programming of both Automation objects and ActiveX controls in ABL (Advanced Business Language).
This chapter describes the common features of COM objects supported by OpenEdge® and how to work with them in an ABL application and your development environment.
For an overview of the architectural elements that support COM objects in OpenEdge, see Introduction to External Program Interfaces. For information on COM object support that is unique for Automation objects, see ActiveX Automation Support and for ActiveX controls, see ActiveX Control Support. The information in this chapter applies equally to Automation objects and ActiveX controls, except where noted.
* How COM objects differ from ABL widgets
* Obtaining access to COM objects
* Accessing COM object properties and methods
* Managing COM objects in an application
* Locating COM object information on your system