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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : ActiveX Control Support

ActiveX Control Support

An ActiveX control (OCX) is a reusable component built on the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) that allows you to extend the user interface and functionality of a OpenEdge® application. Some controls are similar to ABL (Advanced Business Language) widgets, such as combo boxes and radio sets. There are a wide variety of additional user interface controls that are not available as built-in ABL widgets, such as spin buttons, various dialogs, meters, and picture controls. There are also nongraphical controls for such tasks as communications and time keeping that have no user interface.
This chapter describes the mechanics of working with ActiveX controls in ABL. It does not fully explain how to use the OpenEdge AppBuilder to incorporate ActiveX controls in an application. For information on using the AppBuilder to work with ActiveX controls, see OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder. The information in this chapter relies on ABL support for COM objects. For information on COM objects in ABL, see Using COM Objects in ABL.
* How ABL supports ActiveX controls
* Creating a control instance in ABL
* Orienting a control in the user interface at design time
* Accessing ActiveX controls at runtime
* Managing ActiveX controls at runtime
* Handling events
* Programming ActiveX controls in the AppBuilder
* ActiveX controls and examples installed with ABL