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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : ActiveX Control Support : How ABL supports ActiveX controls

How ABL supports ActiveX controls

In general, ActiveX control technology is a more powerful, flexible, and robust replacement for the VBX control standard. To comply with the COM standard, an ActiveX control instance must be placed in a control container that handles events and specific user-interface functionality for the control. ABL supports this standard with the control-frame widget, a field-level widget and an associated control-frame COM object (which provides the actual control container support). For an overview of ActiveX controls, how they interact with ABL, and the requirements for using them in ABL, see Introduction to External Program Interfaces
You can extend a OpenEdge application with numerous commercially available ActiveX controls. In ABL, you must use the AppBuilder at design time to create instances of ActiveX controls in your application. You can then write ABL code to reference ActiveX control properties and methods and to define event handlers that respond to ActiveX control events.
* An example ActiveX control in ABL
* How ABL encapsulates an ActiveX control
* Control-frame attributes and properties
* Additional control functionality
* Special considerations for extended controls
* ActiveX control restrictions