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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : ActiveX Control Support : How ABL supports ActiveX controls : An example ActiveX control in ABL
An example ActiveX control in ABL
The following figure shows a spin button control (the large left- and right-arrow buttons) implemented in the example application, i-ocx1.w. This spin button control overlays a portion of the frame space defined by an ABL control-frame widget.
Note: This spin button control is one of three ActiveX controls provided with your OpenEdge installation. The other two are combo box and timer controls. For more information on these controls, see ActiveX controls and examples installed with ABL.
Figure 58. ActiveX control example
In this example, the control-frame (and thus, the control itself) has been largely stretched in the horizontal direction and slightly stretched in the vertical to present a convenient access point in the dialog box. A spin button control is generally designed to provide incremental and decremental values, like a slider. This application uses the events generated by spin button value changes to scan back and forth through a list of Customer records in the sports2000 database. It uses the incremental and decremental control values to maintain a record count (Record Number field). Handling events explains how ABL applications handle events and values.