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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : ActiveX Automation Support

ActiveX Automation Support

ActiveX Automation allows one application (the Automation Controller) to drive another application (the Automation Server) through COM objects (Automation objects) provided by the Automation Server. An Automation object thus represents both a package of Server functionality and a point of connection from the Automation Controller to the Automation Server. This functionality can include many capabilities from exchange of data between the two applications to almost total control of the Server application by the Controller.
OpenEdge® supports ActiveX Automation as an Automation Controller. This allows you to write an ABL (Advanced Business Language) application that connects to and drives Automation objects in an Automation Server. You do this by creating a connection to the Automation object and referencing its properties and methods.
This chapter describes how to build an ABL application that functions as an Automation Controller, featuring a working example. It relies on ABL support for COM object access in ABL. For information on ABL support for COM objects, see Using COM Objects in ABL.
* Requirements for doing Automation
* Accessing Automation Servers
* Managing Automation objects
* Automation event support
* Example Automation applications