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Programming Interfaces
External Program Interfaces : ActiveX Automation Support : Accessing Automation Servers

Accessing Automation Servers

The CREATE Automation Object statement provides four basic connection options to access an Automation Server. (For more information, see the entry for the CREATE Automation Object Statement in OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference.) Each option handles different connection requirements, depending on the Automation object implementation and the execution status of the Automation Server. Any Automation object flagged in the registry with REGCLS_MULTIPLEUSE launches only a single instance of the Server that handles all subsequent object instantiation requests. Any Automation object flagged in the registry with REGCLS_SINGLEUSE launches a Server dedicated to that object instance. Any subsequent Automation object instantiated for the same Server launches a new instance of the Server dedicated to that object.
* Option 1: Instantiate Automation object by name
* Option 2: Connect to top-level named Automation object
* Option 3: Connect to or instantiate a named Automation object and file
* Option 4: Connect to or instantiate implied Automation object and file