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Accessing ABL ProDataSets : Preparing and passing ProDataSets as ProDataGraph parameters : Managing ProDataObject mappings to temp-tables : Mapping array fields
Mapping array fields
In ABL, a temp-table field can be defined with an extent (an integer value). This extent specifies the size of an array field, which is a one-dimensional array of the specified data type. Similarly in a Java SDO DataObject, the Type associated with a Property object can be defined as many-valued. Thus, a many-valued property of any of the Java data types listed in Mapping single-valued fields can be mapped to a temp-table array field of the corresponding ABL data type.
The ProDataObject class has methods for setting and getting the values of its many-valued column Property objects, accessed as List objects by property name or index. To determine if a Property object is many-valued, you can use the isMany() method on the Property. For more information on working with the values of many-valued properties, see the descriptions of the getList() and setList() methods in ProDataObject class.