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Java Open Clients
Accessing ABL ProDataSets : Preparing and passing ProDataSets as ProDataGraph parameters

Preparing and passing ProDataSets as ProDataGraph parameters

The following table shows how the components of an ABL ProDataSet map to a ProDataGraph and its supporting objects.
Table 10. ABL ProDataSet mappings to Java ProDataGraph
ABL component
Java object
ProDataSet (static or dynamic)
ProDataGraph containing a schema-matching ProDataGraphMetaData object
Temp-table (static or dynamic)
ProDataObject list supported by a schema-matching ProDataObjectMetaData object
Buffer (temp-table row)
Any corresponding ProDataObject
The original property values derived from a ProDataObject list in the ProDataGraph returned by the ProChangeSummary.getChanges()1
Property object in a ProDataObject
Any primary or unique index
Any non-unique index
Not mapped

1 To return values for a before-table, you get a table (ProDataObject list) from a changes-only ProDataGraph and return the list of original property values for each DataObject dataObj using ProChangeSummary.getOldValues(dataObj).

For more information on the ABL ProDataSet, see OpenEdge Development: ProDataSets. The following sections describe the features for passing ProDataGraph parameters.
* Preparing and managing a ProDataGraph parameter
* Managing ProDataObject mappings to temp-tables
* Passing a ProDataGraph as OUTPUT
* Passing a ProDataGraph as INPUT or INPUT-OUTPUT