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Accessing ABL ProDataSets : ProDataObject class

ProDataObject class

OpenEdge provides a Java class, com.progress.open4gl.ProDataObject, that maps to a row (record) in an ABL temp-table. The ProDataObject class extends the Java SDO DataObject class. It maps to an ABL temp-table row within a ProDataSet. (A ProDataObject list maps to the entire ABL temp-table). A ProDataObject holds its actual data as a set of column properties, where each Property object maps to a column (field) of the temp-table. Java SDO DataObject and extended ProDataObject access methods allow the client to get the Property object values (column data).
In ABL, fields in a temp-table can be defined with an extent value that creates a one-dimensional array of the specified data type, with the number of elements specified by the extent. JDBC ResultSet objects (also supported to map temp-table parameters) do not support arrays as columns for temp-table parameters. But in a Java SDO DataObject, a property's type (specified by a Type object) can be many-valued and this can be mapped to an array field.
For more information on the Java SDO Property and Type interfaces, see Using Java SDO classes to access Property meta data.
The com.progress.open4gl.ProDataObject class provides no constructor, because it is created by the ProDataGraph.createProDataObject() factory method (see ProDataGraph class). It does provide the following inherited and extended methods. Among these include methods to get and set the values of column properties according to the Java data type. To identify the Java data type that matches the ABL data type of a corresponding temp-table field, see the data type mappings listed in Mapping single-valued fields. If you do not already know the ABL data type of a mapped column property, you can identify it using the getProType() method of the corresponding ProDataObjectMetaData object. For more information, see ProDataObjectMetaData class.
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