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Accessing ABL ProDataSets : ProDataObjectMetaData class

ProDataObjectMetaData class

OpenEdge provides a Java class, com.progress.open4gl.ProDataObjectMetaData, that allows you to specify and access the schema (meta data) for a ProDataObject collection in terms of a correponding ABL temp-table. Before you can instantiate a ProDataObject for any collection, you must define its schema (meta data or type) using this class. For more information on instantiating ProDataObject instances, see ProDataObject class.
A ProDataObject has a commonj.sdo.Type object associated with it that defines the schema (data model) for all ProDataObject instances of that type. When you define a ProDataObjectMetaData, OpenEdge builds this Type object to reflect the specified data model. Once the definition of the ProDataObjectMetaData is complete, you must add it to the ProDataGraphMetaData used to instantiate a ProDataGraph so you can then create ProDataObject instances with the corresponding type information. For more information on the commonj.sdo.Type interface, see Using Java SDO classes to access Property meta data.
The com.progress.open4gl.ProDataObjectMetaData class contains the following constructor and methods.
* Constructor
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