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Internationalizing Applications
Developing Applications for Deployment Worldwide : How OpenEdge supports internationalization

How OpenEdge supports internationalization

All components of OpenEdge support your international development efforts, including the Application Development Environment (ADE) tools, ABL, and the database. In addition, as part of the installation media, OpenEdge provides files and templates you can use to set up systems and applications for many countries. The following sections provide an overview of how you can use the different parts of OpenEdge to develop and deploy applications worldwide.
OpenEdge supplies files that support many character sets. A character set is a specific collection of alphabetic, numeric, and graphic characters that are related to one another. A character set can also include communication and printer control codes, such as a backspace, tab, and a blank.
* Multi-byte applications
* OpenEdge support for Unicode
* Character processing
* OpenEdge Translation Manager System
* OpenEdge ABL elements
* International databases
* OpenEdge messages
* Regional parameter files