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Internationalizing Applications
Developing Applications for Deployment Worldwide : How OpenEdge supports internationalization : Character processing

Character processing

Character processing is a critical function for exchanging information across language barriers. A character set is the set of all the symbols used by a language to represent it in writing. These symbols include letters, numbers, punctuation, and other communication symbols. Character sets must be converted into numeric code the computer understands. Code pages map characters to numeric codes. Code pages can vary depending on the character set of the language.
Character processing involves managing and working with code pages that represent character sets. OpenEdge supports a wide range of character sets and code pages that accommodate many languages. The OpenEdge database and application environment have administrative options that allow you to manage code pages and control where conversions take place. See Understanding Code Pages and Understanding Character Processing Tables for a discussion of the issues and for instructions on how to manage code pages for your databases and applications.