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Internationalizing Applications
Understanding Character Processing Tables

Understanding Character Processing Tables

OpenEdge provides tables that let you tailor the character processing of applications to be deployed across multiple locales to the precise needs of each locale. These character processing tables include character attribute tables, case tables, collation tables, code-page conversion tables, and word-break tables.
These tables (except for word-break tables) are included in the convmap.dat file, which you compile to produce a convmap.cp file, which you provide access to by copying to a certain directory or by setting an environment variable. OpenEdge supplies a default convmap.dat file and a corresponding default convmap.cp file.
Word-break tables, which the convmap.dat file does not include, reside in the OpenEdge/prolang/convmap directory. You can create a word-break table from scratch or modify one that OpenEdge supplies. In either case, you compile the word-break table, provide access to the compiled version of the word-break table by copying it to a certain directory or by setting an environment variable, associate the compiled version with a database, and rebuild the database's indexes.
For a thorough explanation of code pages, see Understanding Code Pages.
* The convmap.dat file and its tables
* Word-break tables