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Internationalizing Applications
Developing Applications for Deployment Worldwide : How OpenEdge supports internationalization : OpenEdge messages

OpenEdge messages

The text used in OpenEdge messages is contained in the promsgs file. OpenEdge provides various language editions of the promsgs file in the OpenEdge/prolang subdirectories. Each file has an extension that identifies its language. The following excerpt of the Dutch version of OpenEdge messages is from OpenEdge/prolang/dut/promsgs.dut:
%gbfblst -- Te veel block nivo's. Verhoog -nb optie. (1)%GSYSTEM ERROR:
bfblnd -- geen ar aktiref (2)%GSYSTEM ERROR: bfreg -- geen tak.
To run OpenEdge with a certain version of promsgs, set the PROMSGS environment variable to the appropriate file location. By default, OpenEdge retrieves messages from OpenEdge/promsgs.You can also change the PROMSGS language dynamically, from within your application.