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Messaging and ESB
Guidelines for Using and Programming for the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB : Native Invocation methodology : ABL parameter naming : Drag and drop execution
Drag and drop execution
Once your environment is configured, dragging and dropping your ABL procedure files into an ESB process itinerary is as simple as selecting the file and placing in the process editor.
To drag and drop an ABL file into an ESB process:
1. Open an ESB process editor window. Select an ABL file from an OpenEdge project in the Navigator window, and drag it into the ESB process, as shown:
2. After dropping your ABL procedure file, a wizard begins to guide you through the process of selecting the procedure you are including in your ESB process, as shown:
3. Complete the wizard as follows:
a. Select either Main method or Internal procedure/function.
b. If you select Internal procedure/function, you can check Filter by ESB Annotations to sort annotated procedures and functions higher in the selection box. Check Generate handle and release steps to run the external procedure persistently before calling the internal procedure, and to delete the persistent procedure after the internal procedure is run.
If you are adding steps that call more than one internal procedure from the same ABL file, you only need one set of handle and release steps.
a. Create a Step Name. By default, Step Name defaults to the ABL file name (without the .p suffix) for the main procedure, and the ABL file name and the internal procedure name separated by an underscore(_) for an internal procedure.
b. If your ABL source contains Native Invocation annotations, you can click Finish. If your ABL source is not annotated, or you need to modify the annotations, click Next. The following dialog opens:
4. If you have selected an internal procedure, both the Detail ESB annotation and Main ESB annotation sections appear. For an external procedure, only the Main section appears. For details on completing the annotation information, see Annotating ABL in OpenEdge Architect for a complete definition of the Native Invocation annotation components. Click Finish.
5. Once you have completed the annotation wizard, your ABL procedure is added to the ESB process. An internal procedure added to the ESB process is shown:
If you modify the signature of your ABL procedure, such as the number of parameters, or parameter data types, you must delete and re-add the ESB process step for the procedure.