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Messaging and ESB
Guidelines for Using and Programming for the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB : Native Invocation methodology : ABL parameter naming

ABL parameter naming

The Request and Response Mapping tabs show the list of input and output parameters, along with their XML schema types, required to invoke the operation. Each parameter can be mapped to the specific message parts or to messages headers, set to constants, or ignored. For request parameters, the data can also be transformed using XPath or wrapped in an XML element. For response parameters, the data can be placed in message parts or headers, inserted as XML elements or attributes, or discarded.
To help distinguish the ABL data type of parameters, a special naming convention is used. Each parameter is identified by its ABL parameter name, followed by its ABL type, and the mode of the parameter (IN or OUT). The construction is:
The following table shows the resulting ESBOE parameters names, if you expose an ABL procedure that has an integer named CustNum as the input parameter, and returns a string named CustName.
Table 36. Conversion of ABL parameter to ESBOE parameter
ABL parameter
ABL data type
ABL parameter type (IN/OUT)
ESBOE parameter
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