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Messaging and ESB
Guidelines for Using and Programming for the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB : Native Invocation methodology : ABL parameter naming : ABL file requirements
ABL file requirements
ABL files that can be dragged onto the ESB process editor must adhere to the following rules:
*The ABL file must be part of an OpenEdge project. Standalone files cannot be dragged into an ESB process.
*The ABL file must successfully compile. If the file is not compiled when dragged into the ESB process editor, it is compiled before the drop completes. If the compile fails, the file cannot be dropped.
*The file must not be in a modified state. If the file is not saved before it is dragged, it is saved before it is dropped.
In addition, only external procedures, internal procedures, and user-defined functions can be included in an ESB process itinerary, regardless of whether the ABL file is dragged, or a .esboe file is imported.