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Basic Database Tools
Admin Menu Reference : Dump Data and Definitions option

Dump Data and Definitions option

The following table describes the menu that appears when you choose Dump Data and Definitions. More detailed descriptions of the options follow the table.
Note: The Data Dictionary allows you to dump data definition files (.df) greater than 2GB on platforms where ABL supports large files.
Table 26. Dump Data and Definitions menu
Menu option
Task performed
Data Definitions (.df file)...
Dumps the table definitions
Table Contents (.d file)...
Dumps table contents
SQL Views...
Dumps view contents
User Table Contents...
Dumps user information
Security Domains
Dumps contents of the security authentication system and domain tables
Security Permissions
Dumps roles and granted permissions records
Auto-Connect Records Only...
Dumps auto-connect records
Collation Tables...
Dumps collation or translation tables
Sequences Definitions...
Dumps sequence definitions
Sequences Current Values...
Dumps sequence values
Database Identification Properties
Dumps database identification information
Database Options
Dumps database security and auditing settings
Audit Policies
Dumps audit data as XML or text or to dump application audit events
Audit Data
Dumps recorded audit data
Create incremental .df File...
Compares the schema of two OpenEdge databases and creates a .df file that contains any differences
* Data Definitions (.df file) option
* Table Contents (.d file) option
* SQL Views option
* User Table Contents option
* Security Domains option
* Security Permissions option
* Auto-Connect Records Only option
* Collation Tables option
* Sequences Definitions option
* Sequences Current Values option
* Database Identification Properties option
* Database Options
* Audit Policies option
* Audit Data option
* Create Incremental .df File option
* Change Data Capture Policies (.cd file) option