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Basic Database Tools
Admin Menu Reference : Dump Data and Definitions option : Security Domains option

Security Domains option

Choose this option to dump the contents of the _sec-authentication-system and the _sec-authentication-domain tables. These tables contain details about third party authentication systems and domains used to authenticate users who connect to your database through their applications.
When you choose this option, the Dump Security Domains dialog box appears, and contains the following fields:
*Output Directory — Specifies the directory into which the Data Dictionary dumps _sec-authentication-system.d and _sec-authentication-domain.d.
*Character Mapping — Specifies the type of character mapping:
*Default Map — Leave the Character Mapping field blank to use the default mapping.
*MAP — Enter the type of character mapping (for example, MAP laserwriter/french or MAP hp2/spanish/italian).
*NO MAP — Specifies not to perform any character mapping.
*Code Page — Specifies the default code page (character set).
Note: The connected user must be a DBA to access the Dump Security Authentication Records option.