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Basic Database Tools
Admin Menu Reference : Dump Data and Definitions option : Data Definitions (.df file) option

Data Definitions (.df file) option

Choose this option to dump table definitions for an individual table or for all the tables in the database. The definition file contains the definitions of tables, which include fields, indexes, and all their characteristics. The Data Dictionary alphabetically lists all the tables defined for your database. If you choose ALL, the definition file also contains the sequence and auto-connect record definitions. If your database is enabled for multi-tenancy, you can filter the table list such that only multi-tenant or shared tables are displayed.
Note: The .df file can exceed 2GB on platforms where the ABL client supports large files.
After you select the tables you want to dump, the Data Dictionary displays a default name for the file into which it dumps your data definitions (hidden tables are not dumped). This default file is the dump file name you specified when you created the table, or the database name with a .df extension. Dump file names can be up to 32 characters in length.
Specify the filename or use the default value. The Data Dictionary displays each object name as it writes its definition to the definition file. When it has dumped the data definitions, the Data Dictionary displays a status message and prompts you to continue.
Note: When a menu option prompts you for a filename only, you can specify a complete pathname.