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Basic Database Tools
Admin Menu Reference : Dump Data and Definitions option : Create Incremental .df File option

Create Incremental .df File option

Use this option to compare two databases' schemas and create a .df file that contains any differences. You can then use the new .df file to upgrade a database to the current schema.
Note: You need at least two databases connected to create an incremental .df file.
When you choose this option, the Create Incremental .df File window appears, as shown in the following figure:
Figure 41. Create Incremental .df File window
The Data Dictionary lists all connected databases except the working database (which should be the database that has the newest version of the database schema). If you have more than two other databases connected, select the database that has the older version of the database schema. The Data Dictionary then prompts you for the filename to which you want to write the differences. The default filename is delta.df. The Data Dictionary displays the file, field, and index names as it compares the databases.
You can then use this file to apply schema changes to an existing database.
Note: If you use this option to create a .df file in conjunction with an object file to update schema changes, you must load the .df file and recompile before you can run the new r-code. You must recompile because the Data Dictionary reorders the indexes during the dump and load procedure.
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