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WebClient Applications
Overview : WebClient architecture : WebClient Application Assembler

WebClient Application Assembler

The WebClient Application Assembler lets you easily create the files you need to deploy and update WebClient applications. After you complete your application development and compile your application code, you use the WebClient Application Assembler to generate files for deploying and updating the front end of your applications. This tool aids in the following tasks for deploying and updating of your WebClient application:
*Creating and updating a WebClient project (.wcp) file.
*Generating an application configuration (.prowcapp) file for deploying the application, and packaging it into a cabinet (.prowcapc) file.
*Identifying components and generating cabinet (.cab) files that contain your application files and updates to your application files.
*Providing a set of features to support the installation of your application.
For more information, see Deploying an Application
Using the Application Assembler, you can implement installations and updates that use IntelliStream technology, non-IntelliStream technology, or a combination of the two. For more information, see the Using IntelliStream technology, the Using non-IntelliStream technology, and the Using IntelliStream with non-IntelliStream technologies.