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WebClient Applications
Overview : WebClient architecture : Using IntelliStream technology

Using IntelliStream technology

With IntelliStream™ technology, the application deployer can include in the initial download only those application files needed to start the application. Then, as the end user runs other parts of the application, WebClient automatically downloads and installs the additional files as needed.
IntelliStream also works every time the end user starts an application by checking for updated application components, downloading them, and installing them—all before the application starts.
Note: Some IntelliStream System Tasks require Administrator privileges to install. If your application makes use of these tasks, users cannot install personal instances of your WebClient application. For more information, see the System Tasks and personal installations.
When an application component reaches the end user's machine, either as part of the initial download or as part of an update, the files within the component are cached. For more information on IntelliStream, see Deploying an Application
* Advantages of using IntelliStream
* Codebase locator
* Components and download mode
* Component update files
* Determining if a resource was modified
* Obsolete versions
* System tasks and ABL routine facilities
* Digital signatures