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WebClient Applications
Overview : WebClient architecture : Using IntelliStream technology : Determining if a resource was modified
Determining if a resource was modified
When the application deployer generates a new version of an application using the Application Assembler, the Application Assembler determines if an r-code resource has changed since the last version by comparing the MD-5 values of each version of the r-code from a version-information file. (MD-5 is an algorithm that reads a file and produces a short mathematical value. If a file changes even slightly, the MD-5 value changes.) For more information on the version-information file, see Deploying an Application
When compiling procedures, be sure to specify the Generate MD-5 option. If you do not, MD-5 values are not inserted into r-code resources, forcing the Application Assembler to check for changes much more coarsely (by comparing time stamps, which might cause unnecessary downloads). For more information on compiling procedures for version changes, see Developing the Application