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WebClient Applications
Overview : WebClient architecture : Using IntelliStream technology : Components and download mode
Components and download mode
To download the files of the client portion of the application, WebClient places them in Microsoft cabinet files. Typically, a single cabinet file might contain several procedure (.r) or procedure library (.pl) files, image files, and so on. A single cabinet file comprises an application component.
The application deployer assigns one of three download modes to each application component:
*At Startup — The initial download includes the component.
*As Needed — WebClient automatically downloads the component when the end user uses the part of the application that references it.
*Ask User at Startup — At the time of the initial download, WebClient prompts end users to identify which As Needed components they want downloaded. WebClient then downloads these components (along with the at-startup components).
For more information, see Deploying an Application