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Managing ABL Applications
Preface : Organization


ABL and R-code Deployment and Management

ABL Client Deployment Overview
Presents an overview of the client deployment process, and outlines the deployment and administration tasks you must perform.
Managing Client Access to Databases
Describes how to connect and disconnect databases for OpenEdge clients.
Maintaining Application Security
Describes how OpenEdge implements application security, including designating security administrators and setting table and field permissions.
Maintaining User Environments
Describes how to maintain OpenEdge user interface environments in Windows and on UNIX.
Managing Client Performance
Describes how to monitor and tune OpenEdge client application performance.
Managing Procedure Libraries
Describes ABL procedure libraries and how to use the PROLIB utility.
Managing Print Devices
Describes how to set up print devices on OpenEdge-supported operating systems.

Deployment Considerations

Choosing a Code Format
Describes the different types of code formats you can choose to deploy an OpenEdge application.
Initial Deployment
Describes the initial deployment process using the different code formats.
Describes how to upgrade OpenEdge applications.
Deployment Topics and Tasks
Describes how to perform several tasks related to deploying OpenEdge applications.


Building OpenEdge Executables
Describes the process and requirements for building customized OpenEdge executables. It also provides instructions for using the Make utility in Windows and on UNIX.
R-code Features and Functions
Describes the structure and management of ABL r-code, the executable code into which OpenEdge compiles ABL procedures. It also describes techniques for tuning r-code size and performance, and the use of time stamps and cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs) to maintain r-code and database integrity.
OpenEdge Application Limits
Describes the OpenEdge limits you must consider when developing an OpenEdge client application.
Deployment Utilities and Scripts
Provides reference information about utilities and scripts you can use when deploying your application.