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Managing ABL Applications
R-code Features and Functions

R-code Features and Functions

R-code is the intermediate binary code that OpenEdge® generates when it compiles ABL (Advanced Business Language) source files. This is the code that OpenEdge actually runs when it executes a procedure or class, whether from session compiles or from permanently generated r-code (.r) files.
Note: Whether the source code is an ABL procedure or ABL class, it compiles into r-code. For the purposes of this topic, procedure and class files are equivalent.
OpenEdge provides a dynamic r-code execution environment, as well as integrity and security mechanisms to ensure that your r-code is running in a compatible environment.
* R-code structure
* Procedure libraries
* Procedure Libraries and PROPATH
* R-code execution
* R-code portability
* Code page compatibility
* Database CRCs and time stamps
* R-code CRCs and procedure integrity